is a designer and visual artist from Man,

The 18 montains city in Côte d’Ivoire. She is based in Abidjan and her work is driven by her quest to reconnect with her ancestral power. Using cowry shells as her primary medium, she collaborates with local artisans to create distinct and striking pieces which honor the divine feminine. The brand was inspired by the culture of the Dan people of Western Cote d’Ivoire who use cowry shells as a mean of communication with the spirit world. The brand’s mission is to promote the richness and uniqueness of African cultures by celebrating this specific shell. We want to highlight African spirituality and tear down the stigma around it considering how it has been subjected to vilification and dismissal due to colonization.

Lafalaise Dion is also inspired by her magnificent muses whose commitment to the brand continues to help grow a powerful tribe. We are dedicated to celebrating them on our platforms, marvelling at the strength and creativity they reveal every time they wear our pieces.
Lafalaise Dion is for them, for you, for all of us.


GHLQ7555B2-2 Swinging Africa- Emmanuelle Courrèges