Lafalaise Dion is the brainchild of Dion Dewand Marcia Lafalaise, an African/Ivorian/Dan creative soul born and raised in Côte d’Ivoire.Drawing inspiration from the vibrant tapestry of her homeland, particularly her upbringing in Man, the city of 18 mountains, Lafalaise Dion is steeped in a culture that fosters a profound appreciation for life, love, craftsmanship, storytelling, indigenous cultures, traditions, transmission, healing, and self-love.

With a compelling vision driving her, Lafalaise Dion aspires to serve as a beacon of cultural celebration and empowerment.

Dion envisions a world where craftsmanship, spirituality, and self-love intertwine seamlessly, creating a space where individuals can reconnect with their heritage and embrace their unique identities.

“Welcome HOME”

   Lafalaise Dion